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Dr. David Pineau OD

Dr. David Pineau OD

To our dear and valued patients,

For almost 40 years we have been the owners and practicing partners at Millwoods Eye Clinic. During this time, it has been our honour to serve your many vision care needs, and it is with a fair measure of sadness we announce our retirement as of December 31st, 2021. From our hearts we thank you for the trust and loyalty you’ve invested with us on our professional journey. For our part, it was always much more than the daily routine of looking into and after your eyes that inspired us. In so many cases, the experience was all the more rewarding as we got to know you and your families, sharing in all the ages, stages and unique stories of your own personal development.

As we transitioned toward retirement over the past two years, we partnered with an earnest and talented group of experienced doctors who will succeed us in the provision of quality eyecare at Millwoods Eye Clinic. 

We truly believe Dr. Jomha and his team are dedicated and caring practitioners, who collectively boast a wide range of knowledge and skills to address all of your primary vision care needs, including routine exams, ocular disease and emergencies, diabetic exams, dry eye, custom contact lenses, timely referrals, and much more.

While it is true we will no longer have a physical presence at Millwoods Eye Clinic, there endures with the practice a living history of the assessments and decisions we undertook on your behalf. In many cases, this medical information was compiled over the span of many years and will provide critical guidance for future diagnoses and therapies.  

As the responsible custodians of these records, doctors Jomha, Ahmed, and Purewal are ideally placed to access and interpret them in a way that will ensure the best continuity of care and thoughtful strategies for your visual health going forward.

They will know of all the prescriptions written, options tried, and referrals made. They are well-versed in the operation of the same advanced diagnostic instruments used by us, and where your essential medical data and images have been integrated and stored.  

Above all, we are confident they will carry on in the tradition of compassionate and quality care, even as technologies inevitably change, and it is our sincere hope your relationship with Millwoods Eye Clinic will continue as long as possible.  

Best wishes in all your future visions and endeavours.

Dr. Annette Brouwer & Dr. David Pineau